6 Best Digital Marketing Strategies For Business 2 Business (B2B)

Digital Marketing Strategies

If you are a B2B business owner or a marketer planning to do Digital Marketing Strategies for your B2B business, then you are at the right place. Today, we are going to discuss some very interesting and insightful B2B digital marketing strategies for your business.

Hi, my name is MD Junaid and I’ve made this video after doing extensive research and interviewing digital marketing specialists who provide their services to B2B business owners.

So stay till the end of this blog to know how you can plan a digital marketing strategy for your B2B firm. But, before we move on to discussing digital marketing strategies for your B2B business, here are two important points that you have to keep in mind

  • B2B businesses have a very long sales cycle, unlike B2C businesses.
  • even though B2B is all about selling your products and services to businesses.

It can either be someone who is buying the product or services for their own company or someone representing their company. So all your marketing efforts should be made keeping in mind these two important factors.

When it comes to digital marketing, there are a few basic things you have to do, like building a website, creating a lead magnet, doing SEO, and many other such things. Once you’re all set with your basics, now it’s time for you to move toward your first step,

Digital Marketing Strategies For Your all Business

1. identifying and targeting the decision-makers.

B2B businesses involve high ticket prices. So it’s mainly handled by the seniors and decision-makers of the company. For you to effectively market your products and services, you need to identify and target your marketing efforts toward the decision-makers of the companies who you want to deal with. And how can you do it? Let’s find out.

2. Use LinkedIn and some interesting tools.

you can use LinkedIn to identify the decision-makers of the company by using the filters of LinkedIn and the position names in their profiles. Once you’ve identified your target audience, you can use tools like
Lusha to extract the name, mobile number, and email ID from their LinkedIn profile.

Getting the contact details of the decision-makers will help you to effectively communicate and target your ads to all of these people. And this brings us to just the first stage of this strategy. Now your
next step is to send a connection request to these decision-makers of the company along with a short connection message.

But you have to make sure it sounds like a genuine connection request and not a sales pitch. You can also use tools like LinkedIn Helper to automate the entire process of sending connection requests and connection messages. The next point, which we are going to discuss is very important for
every B2B business owner.

3. Doing email marketing,

you have to focus on the decision-makers of the company and write emails that will genuinely add some value to their business. These days many service providers are also attaching small, personalized reports to the emails they are writing to the decision-makers of the company.

These reports are made by them after analyzing the business of their potential customers and also include solutions for how they can improve them. In a similar manner, you can do email marketing as per your business and use various tools to check your headlines, send bulk emails, understand the analytics, and accordingly, make changes in your marketing strategy. As discussed above the sales cycle of a B2B business is very long. So you might have to take your communication efforts to a next level by cold calling and also dropping WhatsApp messages.

4. Local listing.

Registering your business on listing sites like Google My Business, Just Dial, India Mart, and various other such platforms is very important, as local business owners can discover about you through such listing platforms. Constantly updating all the details about your business along with photos and videos, and getting customer ratings and reviews is very important for your business to grow on such listing platforms.

For example, when you type ‘fast food near me, so all the local fast food shops, which you see on your feed are because of such local listing platforms. Using the correct keyword related to your business, what people are searching for, needs to be used in your profile for you to rank higher on such listing platforms. Being on top of such listing platforms is not enough. You also need to be on the top of search engines which brings us to the next strategy.

5. SEO and Content Marketing.

Optimizing your website for relevant keywords, and creating content like blogs, videos, podcasts, and various other things is very important for B2B business owners, as many other business owners can discover you through your content. B2B businesses like HubSpot can be seen doing the same as they make regular content around topics that decision-makers often search for. One of the most important things you have to keep in mind while doing SEO for your B2B business is: targeting low, search volume keywords are absolutely fine because B2B businesses have a very high ticket price. So the efforts and resources put in are worth the rewards.

6. Being active on LinkedIn social media, and other community forums.

For a B2B business, it’s very important to be active on LinkedIn and also on other social media platforms. Using organic content can always help create awareness about your business. The founders and leaders of B2B businesses should join some communities, give talks and genuinely share the knowledge and expertise around their field so people can get inspired and learn a lot from them and also in a way generate leads for their own businesses.

These were some of the most important strategies you can focus on for doing digital marketing for your B2B business. And over time, as you grow, you can hire specialists for each of these strategies.

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