Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategies For Interior Designers.

If you are an Interior Designer then you surely know that word of mouth and recommendations from your existing clients are extremely important but you also know how slow these recommendations come in
and how long it takes to convert them into clients. But what if I tell you there is a faster way to get more clients?

Google business

1. Google my business and other listing platforms

recommend to each and every interior designer out there is register yourself on Google my business and other listing platforms. Let’s say you want to get a fan repaired. you will call an electrician which is nearby your area and not call someone who lives 200 km away, Right? Well, that’s the case when it comes to interior designers as well so you have to register on Google my business Justdial and other such listing platforms because someone searches for interior designers near me if you are registered on these listing platforms.

then your profile or your business can show up in their search results, but creating a profile is not enough you need to post pictures videos, and also get reviews and star ratings on such listing platforms. Share pictures of the recent work that you’ve done. and also use keywords that people are searching for in your business profile after all having the best design ideas doesn’t make sense If people can’t find you on Google.

Digital portfolio

2. make your digital portfolio.

Let’s get one thing straight irrespective of the client industry or the niche you deal with having a Portfolio is very important and with the changing times having a digital portfolio is a must but don’t just add pictures of your work. Give much more detail, Like what was the client brief? What was your thought process? What are the draft you made and then finally put your final

things like how you transformed a particular room and then how you made the most out of the limited space you have been provided. should be also mentioned in your digital portfolio. try to add such digital portfolios on your website. try to give the links of the videos that you have shot for the room that you have transformed and add them to your digital portfolio because people seeking out your services don’t just want to look at the final designs but also want to understand that how you can implement the such design in their homes.

Social media and content

3. social media and content

marketing recently while scrolling through Instagram I came across
a reel that talked about how I get auto Subtitles for videos using a very interesting tool, I checked out the tool and it was really great and without a second thought, I quickly installed that tool but did you see what just happened?

I wasn’t actively looking for a tool to generate subtitles for my videos. But as soon as I came across an interesting tool, I quickly installed it. that’s the power of interesting content on social media you have to create social media content that will not just entertain your viewers but also add value to their lives.

I am sure you might be wondering what kind of content you as an interior designer can create. you can create a reel that shows the before and after of a particular project that you have worked on. you can also do a collaborative post with big players in the raw material industry, for example, a flooring company or even a bathtub company you can also collaborate with the influencer related to your niche to create awareness about your brand and services.

Move towards video content -create as many videos as possible around site projects and designs that you have made but if you interior designer then your main focus should not be restricted to Instagram Snapchat or WhatsApp. rather you should focus mainly on Pinterest which is also our Next digital marketing strategy.

4. Focus On Pinterest

You have to use Pinterest to showcase your designs to people we’ve come to this app to get inspiration and ideas for home decor. Not this Pinterest designs also very often appear on Google search results for people looking for design ideas on google can discover you. here’s how you can use Pinterest to get more sales for your firm, create a Pinterest account and switch to a business account to get the most out of it.

Then start uploading pictures of your interior design ideas on the Pinterest board use the appropriate title for your design because if someone is looking for a design idea then he or she can easily be able to find you on Google and at the end, you can also provide your contact details so if someone is genuinely interested in your design they can contact you by the way, now as an interior designer, You already know a good number of clients come from recommendation and references from your existing clients.

5. Testimonials, Reviews & Referrals

Next digital marketing strategy will focus on testimonials reviews and referrals every time you have a happy client try to record a video with them in the newly renovated house or office where the talk about which are the things they like the most not this you can also try to record a reaction video when someone tries to enter the newly renovated office or a home you can also use such videos in your marketing communication and post them on your social media platforms and without fail ask for reviews and star ratings from your existing clients. for your website Google my business and other such listing platforms to create social proof of your services.

6. Bonus Strategy

This will not that help you get more clients but ultimately create a long-term relationship with your existing and lastly, always try to keep your designs and your projects as your key selling features because only that will help you get more enquires also Keep checking what other interior designers are doing on their social media platforms and what kind of content they are posting to get ideas and inspiration

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