How Does Zomato Make Money? | Zomato Business Model

Zomato business model

Gona is the days when we use to look for options on food delivery menus. and use to call restaurants to get it delivered to our home. But Technology has changed everything and zomato has taken the lead in change and has become the food search engine. Serves 1.3 million orders each day from 150000 restaurants across India.

Zomato is present in more than 20 countries. And if you think food delivery is the only service it provides then let me tell you, friends. There is a lot more Zomato is doing. in today’s blog, we will try to understand how Zomato earns. money through its marketing strategies and a few things about the future of the food industry.

How zomato make money

when it comes to Zomato the focus upon 4 major sources.

  • Food delivery
  • Restaurant listing and advertising
  • white label
  • hyper pure

1. Food delivery,

Every time we order something from Zomato they charge a certain amount from us at delivery charges and this is then divided with delivery partners part of it is kept by Zomato. you may think of zomato mainly through food delivery services. But here comes the twist every time you order food online you often get some discount and coupon codes this is the reason that even though Zomato’s primary business is food delivery. They don’t earn much from the same.

2. Restaurant listing and Advertising.

Now let’s say I feel like having a pizza and when I open the its application and click on the pizza section here the first Pizza place displayed here is Pizza Hut but if we look closely at the top left corner of the screen there is a word that says promoted which in simple terms means it’s a paid advertisement in this case Pizza Hut paid Zomato to be listed on the platform at the same time it also paid some Extra amount to be displayed on the top of the page when someone searched pizza with the help of this Zomato earns a lot of money from the restaurant by not only acting as a listening platform but also as an advertising platform.

3. white-label,

Now before moving towards this point let me tell you something very interesting as per the data provided by Zomato, they have 59 million monthly active users in India. and if we look at it from a business perspective, zomato knows what these 59 million people are ordering. and which dish is ordered the most what is the average amount people spend on food and many more things about food ordering behavior. under white label uses this information and provides Consultancy services to various restaurant owners and cloud kitchens regarding which dish is ordered.

The most what is the average amount customers are spending in a particular area and which are the busiest Hours and days in a particular week Zomato charges money for this information which creates a good source of income for them.

4. Hyper pure

hyperpure. Zomato not only helps restaurant owners with information about customers but also provides them with the best quality raw materials. it is often seen in the restaurant business. finding the best quality raw material is always a problem and to solve this problem Zomato came out with hyper pure under which they provide the best quality raw materials to various restaurant owners, like fresh fruits vegetables meat fish milk, and a lot of many items. and hyper pure is the major source of revenue. so these are the four areas from which Zomato earns most of its revenue.

Digital marketing strategies of Zomato

  • ad revenue

Is an iconic ad that plays before every YouTube video that we watch. when it comes to Zomato they focus more on digital marketing as compared to traditional marketing and they concentrate on three major areas that are YouTube Instagram and SEO.

  • YouTube

when we look at its YouTube channel. It can be seen they post a lot of videos on food recipe vlogs with many influencers and celebrities, food challenge videos, and YouTube shorts on various current trends.

  • Instagram

Another important aspect of Zomato’s digital marketing strategy is its Instagram account it can be seen that they post a lot of content that revolves around food items current affairs a lot of interesting topics their post a so quirky and creative that lot of people engage on them and at the same time they repost it on their stories which give Zomato free word-of-mouth publicity.

  • Zomato’s SEO

If try to understand how Zomato works on its SEO. it’s a bit difficult to understand because Zomato has blocked all the SEO tools from checking its website. But as the data provided by uber suggests Zomato ranks for more than 800000 keywords. which clearly shows Zomato’s SEO game is top in the market.

uses the color red and white so well in its brand that every time we move out we quickly recognize a Zomato delivery guy and in a way, zomato makes an impression in our minds, this was all about the marketing strategy of zomato.

  • feature Strategy

I m sure you must be thinking with such a great marketing strategy and diversified revenue model Zomato is still a loss-making company, but in the long run, zomato has some great future plans. now to understand the future goals of zomato we need to understand this example m sure each one of you must have tried food from Behrouz Biryani and rolls from Faasos, but when you move out, have you ever seen a physical store selling this product? No,

They operate from something called a cloud kitchen. cloud kitchens are like virtual kitchens wherein brands can run their food business for takeaway and delivery. which cuts down a lot of costs as compared to the traditional restaurant business. and it knows this is the future of the Food Industry so they have come out with a service called

  • Zomato kitchen

when they provide a ready-to-use cloud kitchen of 2000 to 3000 square feet for all the new restaurant owners who want to start takeaway and delivery businesses in exchange. they ask for some monthly rent and a deposit amount. the concept of a cloud kitchen is booming in India and so is the future of zomato. but it will be exciting to know by when is going to be a profit-making company.

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