7 Best Tips to Save Money at Walmart

Save money at Walmart

Walmart’s fame offers exceptional value at low prices. Between their great in-store value brand and their motto “Save Money, Live Better,” Walmart provides shoppers with competitive prices and a wide selection of products. Best Tips to Save Money at Walmart

Walmart is so confident in its low prices that it discontinued the Savings Catcher in 2019. Saving Catcher compares shopper receipts to nationally quoted prices. When the Savings Catcher finds a lower competitor price for a product on your receipt, the program returns you a discount to your Walmart.com account or your Walmart Pay wallet.

Even without the Savings Catcher, there are still plenty of smart Walmart savings shoppers, which smart shoppers can use to keep more cash in their wallets.

Best tips to save money at Walmart

Shopping at Walmart is already an economical option due to the daily low prices. But you can still take your savings to the next level by making use of various money-saving tricks and resources.

1. Find deals with the Walmart app

The Walmart app is the foundation that allows shoppers to save money when they shop at Walmart. The app is free on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and has a lot to offer Walmart customers.

The app has a weekly ads section highlighting local sales and in-store specials for nearby Walmarts. It’s the easiest way to find deals before you shop and saves time compared to flipping through coupon books or weekly flyers. In addition, during the holidays, the app provides early access to sales and exclusive product catalogs.

The app also saves time. Shoppers can check if certain products are in stock before going to the store or use the app to check in at the store. Creating shopping lists in the Walmart app also saves time and lets you stay on budget.

2. Purchase priced clearance items to go

Often the simplest way to save money anywhere is to purchase clearance products. But this is especially true at Walmart, where merchandise on liquidation is discounted more than the daily low prices.

Some locations have full clearance lanes to quickly clear inventory. Other Walmarts have smaller clearance sections or mark clearance products throughout the store. Whatever the case, the liquidation products have a bright yellow mark that shows you the original price versus the liquidation price.

To shop online, check out the Walmart.com clearance category for more savings.

3. Take advantage of free shipping from Walmart

If you have an Amazon Prime membership, you probably do most of your online shopping on Amazon.

But Amazon isn’t always a better place to order online than regular groceries. Fortunately, Walmart.com offers free two-day shipping on orders of $35 or more. Some products qualify for free same-day shipping, and Walmart.com has a solid inventory that offers pretty much anything you might find in stores.

Combining shipping cost savings with other savings strategies is an easy way to multiply the savings. Whatever you do, never pay for shipping unless you have absolutely no choice. You can always find an online shopping site that offers free shipping and carries what you need.

4. Use Walmart’s Free Delivery

Online shopping at Walmart is an excellent way to find deals only online. Walmart now offers discounts on eligible merchandise online only when shipped to a Walmart store for pickup.

Simple Walmart Discount:

Select a product marked "Receipt Discount Eligible".
Select "Ship to Local Store" before checking out.
Receive a discount on the order price before purchasing.

This feature won’t save you much, but if you’re planning an in-store trip to Walmart, you can arrange a small purchase in an online-only deal that day to save time and money.

Walmart also offers free grocery delivery. All you do is place your groceries order online, choose a pickup time, and a Walmart employee loads your groceries into your car for free. Since ordering grocery delivery costs $7.95 without a Walmart+ membership, choosing your own groceries allows you to save on delivery fees without having to spend a few hours in the store.

5. Save money with Walmart +

Best Tips to Save Money at Walmart

If you use Walmart grocery delivery, Walmart’s Walmart+ program allows you to save even more time and money.

As a Walmart+ member, you get free same-day grocery delivery, saving $7.95 per delivery in delivery fees. There’s still a $35 minimum order, but as Walmart notes, weekly ordering through Walmart+ saves $816 in fees in one year.

Aside from groceries, Walmart+ members unlock other benefits, including:

Free Next Day and 2-Day Shipping from Walmart.com with no minimum order requirements
Save $0.05 per gallon on fuel at Walmart and Murphy gas stations and member rates at Sam's Club fuel centers, even if you don't have a membership
Smartphone checkout inside the store using the phone's camera to scan product barcodes and complete the checkout at self checkout
Walmart Rewards, a cashback rewards program that lets you earn rewards on select items and redeem them for discounts on future purchases

Walmart+ costs $12.95 per month or $98 per year. If you order groceries from Walmart at least 13 times, the annual membership pays for itself in saved delivery fees. Additionally, Walmart says that members who fuel 140 gallons a month get an average fuel savings of $84 per year, which by itself roughly covers the cost of membership.

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6. Save money on low-cost groceries

Shopping at the Walmart Supercenter or Neighborhood Market is a step in the right direction to save money on groceries. However, savvy shoppers can maximize the value of already low-priced groceries by adopting several simple but effective money-saving tips:

Create a list. The Walmart app is the perfect tool for creating an accurate shopping list to avoid overspending on products you don't need.
Shop seasonally. Seasonal products are generally cheaper than products that Walmart must move great distances to stores across the country. Customize your grocery list to include more seasonal fruits and vegetables to reduce costs.
Determine the time of your travels. Many supermarkets have specific days each week when bakery products or prepared foods will be sold. Find out when your local Walmart offers discounts, and time your shopping trips accordingly. Additionally, avoid shopping on an empty stomach, as doing so increases the likelihood of impulse spending, according to a 2015 study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
Check unit prices. Product cost per unit, not the price tag, is the ultimate indicator of value. Walmart price tags show the cost per unit, so generally spend more on essentials if they save money per unit than on buying a smaller size. However, sometimes the prices for the listed units have errors, so double-check the prices that sound too good to be true.
Double check receipts. Everyone is human, and cashiers are no exception. Checking your receipts for errors isn't just a Walmart savings hack. This practice is worthwhile at every retailer.
Buy a great value brand on selected items. Walmart's Great Value brand is generally the cheapest option. And cheap doesn't always mean low quality. Great value is the most economical choice for basic products like eggs, milk, cookware, general cleaning supplies and even most condiments. Foods such as meat and cheese or diet-specific products such as gluten-free foods are not always of high quality. But for the basics, stick to the great value.

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Many of these tips seem like common sense. But incorporating it into your shopping routine can save you more money each year, even if you’re already shopping at an affordable grocery store like Walmart.

7. Use Walmart’s $4 Prescription Program

There are many ways to save money on the cost of prescription medications. If you have a prescription for a generic medication, shopping at Walmart is one of the best ways to reduce your monthly medical expenses.

Walmart’s $4 Prescription Program provides affordable generic prescriptions. The program includes up to a 30-day supply of several generic drugs for $4 and a 90-day supply of $10 or more.

Higher doses cost more, and prices for some drugs vary between states. Check Walmart’s current list of generic drugs to see if the program covers your prescription.

You can request generic prescriptions from your doctor to help reduce medication costs, which is an important money-saving practice. According to a 2013 study published in JAMA Internal Medicine, nearly 40% of physicians default to using more expensive brand-name prescriptions instead of equally effective generics.

And don’t assume that having insurance means you don’t need Walmart’s prescription program. The drug classes in insurance companies may put the drug you take at a level that costs more than Walmart. If this is the case, you may end up paying more for your prescription if you use your card than you would if you didn’t.

However, prescription drug costs also go toward your discount amount. So if you take the medication regularly, it may be worth the extra cost unless you can file a reimbursement claim.

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