Best Online Stock Brokers and Trading Platforms for Beginners

Best online stock brokers

best Online Stock Brokers

Don’t own any securities like stocks or bonds? Expect an even harder time saving for retirement — or building wealth at all.

Over time, stocks return an average of 10% per year. If left in cash, your money loses about 3% of its value annually on average due to inflation.

Whether you’re a student under $1,000 in your name or a working adult who hasn’t simply sunk into opening a brokerage account and started investing, there’s no better time than the present to start catching up.

Best Online Stock Brokers and Trading Platforms for Beginners

You get that you need an investment portfolio that includes stocks and possibly bonds. But where should you open an account?

Choose one of these brokers as an affordable and well-rounded option for novice investors, and start creating real wealth.

List of the best Online Stock Brokers

Charles Schwab

The best comprehensive mediation

Minimum account: $0
Fees: No commissions. There is no automated advisor fee for the digital version only; $30 per month plus a one-time $300 setup fee for a human hybrid advisor; There are no account opening fees for joint accounts such as taxable brokerage accounts and IRAs.

I use Charles Schwab as my main broker. There is very little that they hate.

Schwab was a pioneer in the abolition of commissions. Many online brokers have reluctantly followed suit, but Schwab was the first to stop charging clients every time they buy or sell a security.

It offers every type of account you could ask for, including IRAs, Roth IRAs, ESAs, and HSAs. Likewise, it offers all sorts of security too, including options trading, futures trading, and thousands of mutual funds without commission or loading fees.

I especially like the Robo-advisor, it’s free if you invest the account with a minimum of $5000. They use Schwab’s index funds, which come with very low expense ratios and provide broad exposure to the stock market in general.


1.No commissions: Buying and selling securities without transaction fees.
2.Free bot advisor: Many bot advisors charge for their services; Schwab does, although it requires a minimum investment of $5,000.
3.Extensive account options: Open virtually any tax-free Schwab account.
4.Trading software: For active traders, Schwab offers a free trading software called StreetSmart Edge.

Schwab’s online platform offers in-depth research into stocks and funds, although it can be a bit confusing for novice investors. But as an all-encompassing brokerage, Schwab is hard to beat.

TD Ameritrade

Best for day traders

Minimum account: $0
Fees: No commissions. 0.3% bot advisor fee; There are no account opening fees for joint accounts such as taxable brokerage accounts and IRAs.

TD Ameritrade makes a strong competitor to Schwab, with a similarly good platform. Like Schwab, it offers many different account types, including IRAs and ESAs. It allows you to trade all the same types of securities, including stocks, bonds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds, and futures. Among the mutual funds, it offers more than 4,100 funds without transaction fees.

New investors especially appreciate TD Ameritrade’s customer service. It provides 24/7 customer support via phone, email, text, and Facebook messenger. It even offers support via Twitter Messages and Amazon Alexa.

The most active traders appreciate the popular stock trading tools of TD Ameritrade. The company ranks among the best trading platforms in the market, surpassing stock trading and ETFs.

TD Ameritrade offers an automated advisor service, but it’s not particularly flexible, and the company charges an advisory fee of 0.3%. If automated investing with an automated advisor interest you, consider free alternatives like Schwab, SoFi Invest or Ally Invest when you start investing.

See our TD Ameritrade review for more details, and watch for promotions for signing up for a new TD Ameritrade account, which often offers great perks.


No commissions: you can't argue for free.
Designed for Traders First: A powerful and flexible website, mobile apps, and software platform called Thinkorswim.
Extensive account options: Like Schwab, you can open most types of accounts at TD Ameritrade.
Strong Customer Service: TD Ameritrade offers better customer service than most brokers, especially “discount” online brokers.


For fund investors looking to lower fees best Online Stock Brokers

Minimum account: $0
Fees: No commissions. From 0% to 0.35% robot advisor fee; There are no account opening fees for joint accounts.

Like all the best online brokerages, Fidelity does not charge any commissions. But this is only the beginning of how they save investors money.

Fidelity especially shines in offering ETFs with no expense ratios at all. Even the most evangelical ETF brokers like Schwab and Vanguard cannot claim the same.

They aim for the same affordability as mutual funds, offering over 3,700 without transaction fees.

While Fidelity offers an automated advisor, they are not known for it. The service is free for account balances under $10,000, then costs $3 per month until the balance exceeds $50,000, then charges a 0.35% administration fee.


Free or Low Cost Money: I don't know of any other service that offers ETFs with no expense ratio, and Fidelity offers many mutual funds with no transaction fees.
Customer Service: Fidelity has a good reputation for customer service.
Education: Fidelity offers a wealth of free educational resources to investors of all skill levels.

SoFi Invest

Best Free Human Hybrid Robo Advisor, Best Crypto Broker

Minimum account: $5
Fees: No commissions. There are no bot advisor fees; There are no account opening fees; $5 paper statement fee (which you can avoid by dispensing with paper).

As a Silicon Valley disruptor, SoFi Invest operates a little differently. The online brokerage does not charge any commissions or annual fees, rather it offers free professional consultations. I especially like that SoFi Invest offers its bot advisor service for free with a minimum deposit of just $5. It also includes access to human investment advisors through bot advisory – usually a costly premium feature.

This makes SoFi Invest unique among the best bot advisors on the market.

SoFi also allows investors to buy fractional shares, which is another uncommon feature. This means that you can buy portions of the stock if the price of one stock is higher than you can afford.

Interestingly, it also provides access to purchase several cryptocurrencies directly from the brokerage instead of having to go through a risky crypto exchange. Very few brokers currently offer this service.

But it does offer some basic financial products such as bonds and mutual funds, which makes them useless for many investors, especially seniors and traditional-minded investors.

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Free Human Hybrid Robot Advisor: I don't know of any other robo-advisors that offer free live human investment advice as part of their robo-advisor service.
Partial Stocks: Buying parts of a single stock, rather than the whole stock.
Cryptocurrencies: Buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly through brokerage.

Meryl Edge

Best for integrating conventional and investment banking

Minimum account: $0
Fees: No commissions. 0.45% bot advisor fee or 0.85% human hybrid advisor fee; There are no account opening fees for joint accounts.

Bank of America bought the brokerage firm, Merrill Lynch, in 2008 and has since gone to great lengths to combine its traditional banking arm with the acquired investment brokerage, which they renamed Merrill Edge.

Customers can access all their bank accounts with a single login, transfer funds instantly between accounts, and view all their financial assets in one place. The twin banks also offer customer rewards programs that many find attractive.

Merrill Edge also serves day traders well, with a powerful search and trading platform. Socially conscious investors also appreciate their Idea Builder tool, which can help them find attractive assets such as ESG investments.

Just don’t expect some of the more advanced “disruptive” bells and whistles like cryptocurrency or micro-stock investing. Merrill Edge offers an automated advisor but is not known for it, and the fees are relatively high. When two older and well-established firms marry, they generally do not produce offspring that disrupts the industry.

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Seamless integration of traditional and investment banking: one login, all accounts; In addition to banking bonuses available.
Excellent Research Tools: Traders and long-term investors alike will enjoy checking out stocks from Merrill Edge and other research features.
Education: Merrill Edge produces not only articles, but also podcasts, videos, webinars, and free tools like calculators and virtual live events.


for mobile merchants best Online Stock Brokers

Minimum account: $0
Fees: No commissions. There are no account opening fees for joint accounts.

Robinhood’s mobile app is so easy to use that some parental lawmakers have accused it of “manipulating” day trading and investing.

The brokerage offers stocks, ETFs, and options without a commission. I especially love that Robinhood offers micro-investing in stocks. But where Robinhood has distinguished itself is in offering cryptocurrency – I even opened a brokerage account with Robinhood specifically to speculate on cryptocurrency. However, SoFi Invest has outpaced competition Robinhood in the number of coins available.

However, Robinhood’s securities end there. It does not offer mutual funds or bonds, which makes it off the table for many investors. Robinhood also does not offer any other types of accounts other than taxable brokerage accounts – no retirement or education savings accounts and no robo-advisor service.

See our Robinhood review for more details, and stay tuned for bonus offers for signing up for a new Robinhood account.

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Simple, Intuitive Interface and Mobile App: Robinhood keeps the web and app interface very simple and clean, which many new investors appreciate.
Cryptocurrencies: Robinhood offers seven cryptocurrencies currently, with the promise of more in the future.
Partial Shares: Buy parts of the shares if you don't want to buy the whole share.

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